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Helping Compton Hospice

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SI Wolverhampton’s craft group have made and delivered 75 syringe driver bags to Compton Hospice based in Wolverhampton.  Craft group members Renee White and Anne Barclay are pictured handing over the latest batch of 42 bags to staff at the hospice making a total of 75 to date. Patients use the bags to carry around the syringe drivers whilst they are receiving treatment and therefore allowing the patients greater mobility. The bags are also used for patients who are being treated in the community.  As the bags need to be washed at high temperature and are not transferable a constant supply is needed. The craft group are well on track to meet their target of delivering 100 driver bags to the hospice before June to mark the first anniversary of the death of long standing club member Mary Wilmot who was cared for at the hospice.