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Regional meeting 11.11.17

Members Sian Kent, Lin Macdonald, Diane Davies, Club President Gwen Ellis Jones and President-elect Andy Hawkins attended the meeting at Cambrian College, Connays Quay. Hope for Justice inspirational speaker held Soroptimists attention as he outlined his journey and the difference this amazing organisation was making in rescuing people from trafficking and slavery in a systematic approach working with the establishment. Through discussion he offered help at local level with some clubs suggestions and was extremely well received.

Soroptimists from across the Region gained valuable insight into a variety of  IT communication tools such as Facebook, Sigbi website and the advantages of Skype. Following a networking lunch members were also able to peruse table top stalls set up by various clubs for information or start Christmas shopping with the hand made goods brought along to raise club funds.

The afternoon ended with the change of insignia and a welcome to the new regional team.

New Regional Team following change of insignia