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Ffarm Moelyci – one of the UK’s first Community Owned Farms

We recently had a talk by Colin Keyse from Ffarm Moelyci which is one of the UK’s first community owned farms and pioneered the idea that community ownership can play a part in how farming both grows good food and nurtures strong communities. In 2018, after a long period of uncertainty, the farm was sold on the open market to a consortium Ymlaen Moelyci. This consortium brings together charities and charitable incorporated organisations, private individuals, philanthropists, farmers and other businesses. Colin explained that Moelyci is a safe, neutral ground, experimenting with ideas for sustainable farming and living. There is a donkey sanctuary, allotments and also a forty-seat barn with Wifi and audio-visual which is available for groups that come and visit.
They have a shop and cafe on the premises and everyone is welcome.
See their website for more information about the valuable work they do
Moelyci MountainMoelyci Mountain is also an SSSI, a site of special scientific interest. Ffarm Moelyci is like a biodiversity time capsule; it still supports the rich habitat mosaic and diverse range of species which were part of all upland farms one hundred years ago. For more information see