Atal Y Fro


For many years Barry & District Soroptimists  AtalY Fro Photo supported Women’s Aid and then continued to do so when it became Atal Y Fro. The local Refuge and half way flats for women and young children suffering domestic violence require an ongoing supply of items to furnish their accommodation. SI Barry & District have responded to this identified need and set out to co-ordinate and donate shortage items.  The PA co-ordinator is a listed contact for Atal Y Fro and therefore has been able to respond promptly to requests for help. Club members have collected toiletries for wash bags. They have donated bedding, cookery utensils and household items regularly for those in the Refuge and supported flats. These items have also helped to replenish goods used by women moving onto independent living. Christmas and Easter gifts have also been donated to children and Mums in the Refuge.

By donating items, members hope to meet the immediate and practical needs of those women and children living in the Refuge, half way flats and those moving onto independent living. Furthermore, it is hoped to make life more comfortable for those living in these challenging circumstances. Our commitment to  Atal Y Fro is ongoing and through our support it is  hoped that Soroptimism will be recognised as a service organisation which actively identifies itself with women’s issues and in particular domestic violence.

thumbnail_donation for Atal Y fro

President Pat and PA chairperson Jackie Memory are seen presenting the latest Christmas gifts to Atal y Fro.

The  photo was taken this December (2016) morning at Atal Y Fro when delivering presents for the mums and children at the Refuge this Christmas. Presents for mums consisted of wash bags filled with toiletries, mugs filled with chocolates, biscuits and luxury tea bags.  For the children – hedgehog folding books, sweets, teddies, colouring pencils and books.