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President Sheila


Welcome to S I Bootle

Welcome to SI Bootle both, to the members and any prospective members that may read these few notes.


This is the second time for me to serve as a President of this our club, ‘recycled’ is the word that comes to mind and I am as proud today as I was on the first time around in 2011/12.


A lot has happened in those years since to the members and to the club, but this year we celebrate our 80th anniversary of the foundation of Bootle club and hopefully we still have many years in front of us, but of course, it does depend on us the members.


I would like to think that this year being a special year we could attract a few more members, younger ones are very welcome, after all said and done the future will lie in their hands as well as the senior members who can mentor them and take on board some of their ideas and concepts which makes for a very interesting future particularly for any new members.


I have not chosen a charity as a main event as I did in my first term, as I said earlier things have changed considerably around us.  We are an organisation for women, run by women for the benefit of women.  With your, and Past President Chris’s permission, I would like to continue the theme that we started of helping rape victims and to that end expand it and add to it any other charities in that vein if we find we can be of assistance.  We all read far too often of victims of this nature.  More of this will come out as the year proceeds and some of our ideas develop.


We have a number of events planned for the year – particularly I am looking forward to our 80th Anniversary luncheon in July followed later in that month with Joys Garden Party. Our members Susan Rimmer and Joan Tansley are also organising other charity events.   


In friendship

President Sheila