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Programme Action

Our Projects

The Royal Liverpool Hospital Sanctuary Room

In conjunction with our Mother Club S I Liverpool and Sister Clubs S I Crosby and Southport we are working to provide a sanctuary room for people in need of peace and tranquility following personal injury and trauma.  As a club we are also making a specific contribution by providing personal toiletry bags.

President Chris S I Bootle, President Annette S I Crosby, President Janet S I Southport, President Dorothy S I Liverpool

The Poiana Project


This Rumanian project was introduced to our Bootle Club in 2008 as a 10 year project.  A family run project who minister to the Village of Poiana, where they found a community in abject poverty and in dire need of assistance at all levels of daily living.  The village, 15 miles from Constanta, the nearest main town, has no running water and only sporadic electricity.

The Chalmers family moved there in 2005 and have been uplifting the community since then with help from various sources.   S.I. Bootle support them by sending household equipment, goods, clothes, toys, raising money and awareness, thus enabling the Chalmers to provide support to local families.   The Chalmers send us regular newsletters and email updates.

More information on the project can be found on  where they have a regular news update.

 Chernobyl Children’s Project

We continue to support this project by knitting hats and vests to support the Babies and Young Children in Chernobyl.  The local Crosby organiser has a small band of volunteers who together fund raise, collect and organise distribution to Chernobyl of various items including furniture, household goods, clothing, toiletries as well as knitted garments.  He also arranges annual visits for the children, where they have a holiday for two weeks.  Fund raising for this venture is also undertaken and they visit places of interest, receive new clothing and are able to access a nutritious diet during their stay.

As a club we are very committed in carrying out this knitting project,  with about eight members knitting the hats as well as receive knitting support from family and friends.  The rest of the club members supply balls of wool.