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At our AGM new President Wendy Dale thanks out-going president Jean Spencer for several fantastic years as president of our club

 President’s Message

Chesterfield and District Club members are looking forward to a happy, productive year and have a full and interesting programme planned. Please visit our “Meetings” page. You can also follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/ChesterfieldSi

We feel it is important that we continue to support those charities we have been associated with for a number of years and to build lasting relationships with those we have more recently adopted.

As well as an exciting variety of speakers at our supper meetings, we have a busy programme of projects and fund raising events planned.

We shall continue our efforts to attract new members and foster a friendly, inclusive atmosphere where each woman feels valued and can use her skills to help improve the lives of women and children.

Wendy Dale – Club president 2018 – 2019