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Soroptimists Day of Action 2021

This year’s Day of Action was marked by members of SI Crieff carrying out a litter pick in the centre of Crieff on Saturday 17 July.  All clubs were asked to do something related to the Environment so members were happy to don rubber gloves along with their hi viz Soroptimist tabards and grab a litter picker for a couple of hours to tidy up James Square, Crieff  High Street etc.








Cigarette ends were not hard to find, there were thousands of them, but lots of other items, such as cans, cartons, bottles and bottle tops, paper and even surprisingly a decent if somewhat soiled padded jacket were picked up.  It certainly felt that if people could improve their aim at the litterbins provided that alone would make a difference!

It is always surprising – and lovely – how many people,  locals and visitors alike, chat in passing (perhaps it’s those tabards) and Saturday was no exception as it was a glorious warm morning and there were a lot of folk out.  One or two shopkeepers kindly unearthed brushes and dustpans and joined in and a few even agreed to consider regularly sweeping rubbish up from outside their premises.  So perhaps there may be a lasting improvement as sadly in recent months it appears that council cuts have resulted in less attention to litter being picked up.

We felt it had been a worthwhile exercise and there was a noticeable improvement, let’s just hope others thought so too.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about what Soroptimists do – and the above exercise was only one small example, and not necessarily typical(!), the variety is wide, do contact Heather on 07796 031510, or Google SI Crieff.