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President’s message


Our President is elected annually and leads the team of officers of the club.  Our new President Nikki Culpin took over at the AGM in April 2021.

Aims for our club  from President Nikki

What do we have in store ? As I continue my Presidential year, here is an extract from my update to the Club on my thoughts  and plans for the coming 12 months covering 4 aspects of our Clubs agenda.

The Focus or theme for the year – ‘Be the change we want to see’ very much a Soroptimist ethos but for us to use this year to really focus on what changes we as members would like to see in the world, in our community, in our lives (and in the lives of women and girls across the globe) …. And then focus our collective attention on making or at least influencing that change. The submissions from members have been inspiring and enlightening and have given us much to specifically work with for the next year – ranging from Climate change initiatives, to prevention of gender and child abuse, to empowerment of girls in developing countries and campaigning for Mental Health support to be readily accessible in schools, colleges and work places. My sense has been that we all want to make our voice heard so that others can be helped and heard. I will share more detail behind these ideas over the coming month or so.

Programme was the second aspect I mentioned – and I will be working with Trish and Alison to pull together a schedule of stimulating and action focused speakers and activities, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals recognised by Soroptimist International, and to give impetus to our earlier mentioned ‘change’ ideas.

Fundraising was another aspect – and in the next year, hopefully we can focus on our ‘donations’ being less monetary and more practical – with a focus each month on collecting items which we can then hand on to appropriate people and organisations to use for the greater good eg old or broken garden tools to be used by an organisation that supports the development of disadvantaged young people by getting them involved in caring for an allotment. I plan to do a bit more investigation and will share the focus for each month shortly.

Collection of ‘items’ is difficult whilst not meeting face to face – so in the meantime I would like us to focus on collecting individually for  recycling – through schemes such as Pens to Rymans and Used tablet Blister Packs to Superdrug!  If you are aware of any other similar initiatives – lets share them through SIEnna so we can all join in!

And finally, I talked about our Centenary Celebrations – and I would hope we can continue with the great work already started with our projects such as

  • Supporting the Benmore Redwoods
  • Planting Trees at Castleview School
  • Our SIE Bench refurbishment for Princes Street Gardens
  • The Regional Playing Card project

I hope we can also continue with our Partnerships with Kids Love Clothes and Cranston Street – and maybe make a connection to our 100th year by eg aiming for 100 hours of volunteering for Kids Love Clothes, or donate 100 items over the year to Cranston St.

And  of course , our ambitious target of recording 100 ‘changes’ we have made or influenced in our 100th year!

So do you think that is enough to be going on with!

I hope we can have a year of learning, serving and enjoying ourselves. Educating ourselves on important initiatives so we can speak from a position of knowledge and power – couple that with our passion and principles – and we will be a force to be reckoned with!

I am flattered that you have selected me as your President, I am honoured to take on the role within Soroptimist International and represent SI Edinburgh and I am excited about what we can achieve in the next 12 months. We may be a small club but with the combined knowledge, passion and might of these members we will be unstoppable.


From Past Presidents

As we face the uncertainties of coming out of lockdown, we need to focus our thoughts on the year ahead, however it may be.

We look ahead to the centenary of Soroptimism world wide and take inspiration from the newest federation – recruit, nurture and retain.

(thanks to our sisters in Africa – we wish them well with their new Federation).

We look back and celebrate what has been achieved, but in this ever increasingly digitalised world, we must take care not to leave behind those who have no access to technology.

We move forward, working together as we try to improve the lives of women on the margins, to empower and enable them to contribute to society.

And  follow the United Nations 5 ‘Ps’ – a commitment to aim for quality of life for People worldwide, Prosperity, to care for the Planet, promote Peace, and develop Partnerships.