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On 10th June 2018, PROCESSIONS were held in 4 cities across the UK, London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh.  Women and girls were invited to make banners and to join the PROCESSIONS to celebrate 100 years of some women getting the vote.

SI Folkestone decided to attend the event, so we needed to make a banner.  This was a fun and creative day, which involved lots of laughter, chatting about all varieties of subjects whilst working,  and coffee and cake. No better way to spend a Sunday.

Some very vocal assistance was also given by the gorgeous Willow who then took to hiding in the fabric cupboard

Armed with our banner we travelled to London, naturally with a cake and coffee stop enroute, where we joined 30,000 women and girls to walk from Park Lane to Parliament Square forming a giant moving artwork.  All attending were given a coloured scarf to wear in the Suffragette colours: Violet, White and Green, and  lined up the rows of the colours, Arriving at Park Lane, it was very emotional to see so many women had gathered, and in the June Sunshine, the banners looked amazing.  There was a real feel of camaraderie and hope in the air,and it was a brilliant atmosphere.    We picked up our violet scarves and joined the Processions.