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Hats from Recycled Materials

Members of SI Hallamshire have been busy making and decorating hats hats using recycled materials.

Earlier in July we should have attended the Yorkshire Garden Party at Newby Hall. Yorkshire President Rita had asked all members to wear a hat featuring recycled materials. Due to Covid-19, the garden party has been postponed until 2021. However, members have been asked to make hats and take photographs for inclusion on SI Yorkshire website.

SI Hallamshire President invited members of the club for a socially distanced coffee morning in her garden, wearing their recycled hats, of course! The photos illustrate the imagination and artistic skill of our members!

A bit of fun and a chance to catch up with our friends in SI Hallamshire.

President & members of SI Hallamshire
Grace – her father’s hat
Bella – charity buy
Angela – recycled wrappers
Sandra – repurposed sunhat