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Pelvic health talk

SI Hallamshire have recently listened to a talk about Pelvic Health. This was our first speaker meeting on Zoom. Our speaker was Emily Elgar, who is a women’s health physiotherapist. Women’s Health physiotherapists treat conditions which affect the bladder, bowel and vagina. These conditions are often caused by poor function of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Physiotherapy aims  to improve pelvic floor function with specific targeted exercises.

Emily’s talk was entitled ‘Pelvic Health’. She introduce her talk by describing her route into physiotherapy and career pathway which led her to specialise in Pelvic Health ( The modern name for the specialism as they also treat men).

She introduced her talk with slides of the anatomy of the pelvic region to illustrate how the muscles, bones and organs are dependant upon each other. Emily talked us through simple pelvis floor exercises. She then discussed factors which can affect the function of the bladder and the bowels. She emphasised the importance of regular exercise, hydration and diet. This helps not only for our pelvic health but also our general physical and mental wellbeing.

The talk was interesting and informative. It helped us  to improve our knowledge of our bodies, enabling us to actively improve our own well-being,