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Sleep Out for Homelessness

The tent in the garden


Many young people are now homeless. Everyone should have a home. Club member Heather Shipman braved the freezing weather to experience what it is like to be homeless. A tent in her back garden was her only shelter of the night of what was the coldest night of the year so far.  Heather is raising awareness and funds to support the two charities, Carecent and SASH . Carecent is a Breakfast Centre in York for homeless, unemployed and socially excluded people.  SASH’s aim is to prevent youth homelessness in North and East Yorkshire.

Heather sleeping in the tent
Heather sleeping in the tent

Heather thanked all her Soroptimist friends on behalf of herself  and the organisers  who are aware of all the support that has come from Soroptimists.  They have asked that Heather pass on their special thanks to everyone for their very generous support. Heather said, “I think in the future I will look forward to sleeping in my bed after future events and not in the garden. Let’s just say it was cold and uncomfortable. Time went so slowly but worth it in the end”.  Can you imagine having to do that  every night? – ‘Everyone should have a home’ is about making sure everyone has the opportunity of having a place to call home.