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Hygge raises £712 for Dementia Forward

Club member’s Heather and Di’s Hygge Lunch-time Event raised a fantastic £712 for Dementia Forward. The heaven’s may have opened but that didn’t detract from a lovely homemade soup and fresh bread lunch in the garden.

Hygge – So what is Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh)?

In Denmark Hygge is described as an event that brings courage, comfort and joy. There was certainly plenty of that despite the heaviest rain we’ve had in months. Not only was there delicious soup and cakes but also things to take home. Beautiful handmade bags, oven gloves, tasty scones, delicious crumbles, and chutneys and much more. It was great to meet friends and neighbours to chat. We were certainly protected from the elements and kept warm, dry and snug.

Dementia Forward

All the money raised will help Dementia Forward provide more support through their helpline for people with, and people caring for someone with Dementia. Dementia Forward is a local award winning North Yorkshire Charity.

Women more affected by Dementia and Alzheimers than men

Dementia and Alzheimers Disease are the the leading cause of death in the UK. Women are almost twice as likely to suffer from Dementia than men. There is no known cure.  Women are also far more likely to end up caring for someone with dementia than men. Alzheimer’s Research describes women as the Marginalised Majority in terms of support for women with, and who are caring for someone with Dementia.