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The Great Big Green Week


How do we address Climate Change and contribute to #CarbonZero?

What is our Parliament doing?

These are the questions we posed to Andrew Jones, MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough


Club members welcomed Harrogate and Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones to their February meeting. It is #GreatBigGreenWeek and Andrew was asked to speak about how Parliament is tackling #climatechange and #zerocarbon.  We celebrated the Great Big Green Week by wearing green and  giving Andrew a Green knitted heart.
The Government aim is to reach zero carbon by 2050. Government departments have to demonstrate how this will be achieved. All parties are signed up to tackling Climate change and there is much cross party working. The country now produces 40% of our energy from renewable resources. But change will take time and money. For instance there are 40 million homes with gas boilers!
Members raised concerns about Local Public transport and planning issues. Many new houses are still being build traditionally. Local bus services are limited or being reduced.
We were delighted to hear that our local hospital has invested in heat pumps as have the local swimming pools. New technologies are emerging but training is required to use them. Harrogate Bus Company has a fleet of electric buses with more to come. But driving and maintaining electric buses required the drivers and mechanics to learn new skills.  This highlights the importance of investing for the future –  in education and cultural change.

Things to consider

  • How do we encourage women and girls to get involved in the new emerging technologies and skills? Where will the well paid jobs be?
  • How do we build resilence so we are prepared for the changes to the climate that are already occuring?
These are some of the questions we need to consider for the future.