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Our current Programme Action projects include:

We provide storysacks for local primary schools. We also provide Sensory Storysacks for the local library for use by adults with disabilities.

Female Genital Mutilation
We support the work of a local midwife who works with a community in Kenya to develop alternative “Rites of Passage” for the girls. We make friendship bracelets which are presented to the girls.

Life Education Centres for Lancashire
Members work with the local support group and Management Team to support the work of the charity.

Food Bank

Women’s Refuge

School Annual Prize

Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia
Members make shawls for the women who are having corrective surgery at the hospital, and knit clothes and shawls for the babies born at the Fistula Hospital.

Educational Support in Nepal
We provide long term support for a girl in Kathmandu in Nepal to enable her to attend school by paying for her school expenses.

Celebrating International Days

Collection of Used Stamps

Lobbying and Awareness-raising

Talking Newspaper