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The Executive Committee consists of Club Officers and elected members, and is responsible for the day to day running of the Club; making decisions on some issues and recommendations to the Club on matters which require further discussions from members.

The Programme Action Committee identifies suitable projects in our communities locally and worldwide for the Club to undertake, in order to advance human rights and the status of women, which is the core purpose of Soroptimist International. The Committee also plans and manages the projects. The Programme Action Officer reports to the Club on the projects in order to involve all the Club members.

The Club Programme Committee plans the programme of events for the forthcoming year. The President Elect may have a theme or particular charities she may wish to be included.  A programme is then produced, ready for circulation at the Change of Insignia.

The Finance Committee considers the financial position of the Club, and receives information on income, expenditure and projected expenditure from the Honorary Treasurer. The Committee reports to the Club the proposed annual subscription, as well as any other financial issues.

The Membership Committee seeks to find new members for the Club and is active in encouraging potential members. The Committee also focuses on trying to ensure we retain our existing members.

The Friendship Links Committee works to enhance our Friendship Links with other Soroptimists; possibilities for meeting up exist. Current links are with SI Anglesey in Wales, SI Darlington, in County Durham, SI Bucharest in Romania, SI Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and SI Kathmandu in Nepal. Ideas about sustainable links with other Clubs of interest are always welcome.

The Social Committee meets with the President at the beginning of her year of office to identify, and assist in the planning and implementation of her social and charities events, including the Charter Anniversary celebrations. The Committee is also responsible for preparing refreshments at Club meetings and events.

The Website and Media Committee maintains and updates our Club website and social media accounts to promote S.I. Lancaster.