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Toilet Twinning Campaign

Jacqui Purnell, Programme Action Officer, presents a Toilet Twinning certificate to the Lord Mayor of Leicester on behalf of SI Leicester and Toilet Twinning Partners.

Twinning campaign launched to provide toilets to the world’s poorest communities

A Campaign aimed at helping ensure communities in developing countries have access to safe ,clean toilets was launched with the help of Leicester’s Lord Mayor Cllr Byrne on Monday , November 18th 2019. Soroptimist International Leicester launched the Leicester Toilet Twinning Project, to help fund sanitation projects in poor communities across the world.

Figures show that one in three people worldwide – about 2.3billion people – do not have access to basic, hygienic toilet facilities, with almost 900 children a day dying from diseases linked to dirty water and unsafe toilets.

In particular, girls and women are particularly at risk from lack of proper sanitary facilities.

Campaigners in Leicester want to twin 30 toilets across the city with communities in developing countries in order to fund the building of toilet facilities. The campaign supports the work of UK organisation Toilet Twinning, which for a donation of £60 enables families to build a basic toilet, have access to clean water and learn about hygiene- a combination that saves lives

To get involved in the project, contact Soroptimist International Leicester or click on this link