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Virtual Conference - 29-30 October 2021

Greetings have been received from:

Her Majesty The Queen

Read the letter below from Buckingham Palace:

SI President and Federation Presidents

Read International President, Sharon Fisher’s greetings below, and view the videos sent to the Conference by the four Federation Presidents:

International President, Sharon Fisher

Thank you for your invitation to Believe to Achieve!  I look forward to a virtual visit to Llandudno, Wales!  It is an honor to bring greetings on behalf of our global membership.

Sharing what we have learned on the Road to Equality, our virtual road trip has expanded our commitment to gender equality and human rights.   Believe to Achieve are the perfect words for:

  • migrant women finding a pathway to citizenship in a new country
  • educating communities to understand FGM is a harmful practice
  • convincing parents that early marriage is an act of violence against their daughters
  • learning how to help women and girls escape or avoid violence either from a friend or family member
  • women & girls becoming victims of trafficking
  • believing that older women must be safe from abuse and neglect

As we come to the end of 100 years of transforming the lives of women and girls, it has truly been a memorable time celebrating our Bright Past.

Let us BELIEVE WE CAN ACHIEVE our vision of a gender equal future for women and girls!

SI Africa President, Connie Mutunhu

SI Americas President, Kazuko Morita

SI Europe President, Carolien Demey

SI South West Pacific President, Suman Lal