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Visit from Sierra Leone to SI Thames Valley

Thames ValleyRosie Simbo, a midwife from Sierra Leone (S.L.) came to talk to the Thames Valley Soroptimists about her experiences growing up in S.L. and the work that she currently does there, trying to persuade young girls to avoid HIV/AIDS and working to eradicate female genital mutilation (fgm) which is still going on in her area of S.L.. Rosie was very brave in sharing her experience of fgm and the struggle to change the hearts and minds of people who still maintain that it is part of their ‘culture’.

The photograph shows Rosie with her three NHS colleagues who persuaded her to come and talk to us: Helen St Ledger who is a diabetes clinic
co-ordinator, Dr Amanda Gilliland, GP, and President Barbara Turner who is an NHS manager.

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