Pink by the Pool

Malta Conference Pink by the Pool
What a fantastic sight! Hundreds of Soroptimists from across our Federation dressed in various shades of pink!!

We met by the pool in the Hilton at 8.30 with other guests having views from their rooms above. They must have wondered what on earth was going on!

President Elect Ann Hodgson (along with SI Haverfordwest) wore a pink tutu and a Welsh hat. Members were dressed as geisha girls, pink fairies and our Programme Director came as the Pink Panther!

There were Members from Africa in beautiful pink fascinators and one Member on a mobile scooter dressed as a Victorian bathing belle.

Everyone entered into the spirit of the morning and President Margaret even wore her pink tutu to introduce the first speakers of the day. Best of all well over €1500 was raised for SI Malta’s charities.

Well done everyone!

Rayner Rees