SI Malta – “Novawoman”

Multi-tasking at its best!

Several months ago I volunteered to blog at our Federation Conference whilst also undertaking Stewarding duties. Coincidentally these tasks were scheduled together!

Starting the morning session we were dazzled with delegates wearing pink sequins, feathers and tulle tutu’s, including Federation President Margaret.

We dutifully checked all badges policing the doors with vigour.

My blogging task was to give an overview of SI Malta’s Novawoman project presentation; a relatively new project aiming to empower young women & girls age 7yrs to 17yrs in creative skills training.

Taking the lead on this project was recently retired Secondary School Deputy Headteacher Mary Rose Bonella who used her transferable skills to develop links with local Schools.

Three initiatives have been carried out during the summer months; the first involved primary children who were asked to submit ideas for changing the world for a better future when they became adults; stickers were distributed to the winning School. The second initiative involved youths invited to produce a video with a similar focus and the winner was awarded a Photography Course sponsored by Malta Photographic Society.

The third initiative consisted of 16 girls 14yrs to 16yrs who volunteered to undertake a creative skills training course.The aim was to develop effective communication skills,build self confidence and encourage ideas to become a reality.

Two of the school girls, Alexandra and Chikka spoke confidently at Conference with the challenge to all us quoting Dr Edward de Bono “If you never change your mind why have one!”. Leadership skills appear to have been a huge success with this last project as the girls spoke of role model women who have been inspirational such as racial inequality pioneer Rosa Parkes. The girls despondently spoke of women still having salary inequalities and it is forecast that it will be 2152 before true salary equalities exist!

Project lead Mary Rose explained that empowering women with creative thinking, invention and innovation skills assist, generate and implement new ideas in governance, business and social enterprise.

She stressed that ” Being assertive is a balance between being passive and being aggressive “.

I am left with the impression that Lord Sugar needs to have The Apprentice programme in Malta as the girls would certainly prove quite a challenge to his set tasks!

What a busy day this is turning out to be but hugely enjoyable.

Margaret Molyneux

Soroptimist International Leigh & District

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