Programme Action Meeting

‘Programme Action is the lifeblood of our organisation and the reason why we have a voice at the United Nations’

Federation President Margaret, opening the annual meeting of Programme Action Chairs in Malta this morning, in these words she stressed the importance of the work carried out by Soroptimists in their local communities and across the world.

Providing an opportunity for us to reflect on our practice and to share and learn from one another, we had feedback from Barbara Dixon and the team on projects delivered over the past year. It is always inspiring to learn how Soroptimists internationally respond in very practical ways to practical needs.

We are helping girls to stay in school through financial grants, but also through providing sanitary protection.

We are helping women into enterprise through small loans, but also by providing them with the skills they need to achieve success ‘building a vision for their future’.

In an ageing society, we learned how we can make homes and towns more friendly to people with dementia.

As an organisation, we need to learn to use our strength to advocate for causes we feel are important ‘we have been given a voice – use it!’

We had an extremely informative session on how to use the much improved data base and we resolved to report consistently, to ensure we retain our ECOSOC status.

Mary Hession
Soroptimist International, Republic of Ireland