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Soroptimist Visitor from Australia

This August 2023, Manchester hosted the World Para Swimming Championships and welcomed people from all over the world. Chris Knight from SI Moreton North Club in Australia arrived in Manchester in order to attend the events at Manchester Aquatic Centre and meet Manchester Soroptimists. She was hosted by Malgorzata Kmita.
On the 4th of August Chris and Malgorzata attended the Para Swimming Championship in which Lakeisha Dawn, member of SI Moreton North was taking part. It was Lakeisha’s dream to win the Gold Medal after many years of dedicated training and years of her love for swimming.
It was an amazing experience to celebrate Lakeisha’s win of the Gold Medal in Manchester on the 4th of August 2023. She was cheered and supported by her Mother, Sherryn Patterson who travelled all the way from Australia to see her daughter win in the World Para Swimming 400 heats, free style competition.  Chris Knight and Malgorzata was also there to provide support and recognition of this long awaited dream that came true.
The event in Manchester was beautifully organised and brought many tearing moments when we watched the dedicated support members from the Aquatic Centre giving their attention and care to those who participated in the swimming events.
L to R: Fiona (Vice President), Sue (President), Malgorzata (host), Chris (visitor)
L to R: Malgorzata, Sue, Chris









In the late afternoon of the 4th of August, Chris Knight met other members of SI Manchester, the President Sue Underwood, Fiona Spencer and Elaine Loader. Chris was proudly introduced to the monument of Emmeline Pankhurst and the history of women suffragettes and suffragists in this amazing city in the North of England. We had a lovely time sipping coffee together, eating lovely cakes and discussing ideas from across the world whilst  enjoying the company of women United by the experience of being Soroptimists and world travellers.

This visit of Chris Knight was a very special experience brought together by the Para Swimming Championships and the Gold medal that magnified the experience of this memorable visit. Thank you Chris for visiting us and thank you Lakeisha for your incredible hard work and the Gold medal to remember Manchester for a long time.
Well done to All.
Malgorzata Kmita