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How many Bonding Hearts has a Soroptimist sewn for Premature Babies?

A Medway and Maidstone Soroptimist joined Medway Scrubbers at the start of the first lockdown to offer her sewing skills to help the NHS.  She has remained busy working tirelessly over the past year making scrubs, face masks and drainage bags.

3 hearts made of fabricThe latest request received by Medway Scrubbers was asking if they could make some bonding hearts for the premature babies at Medway Maritime Hospital as they were desperately needed.  Medway Maritime Hospital have 1100 premature babies in a year and every baby needs 5 bonding hearts.  These bonding hearts are particularly important for the parents to start to build a bond with their child especially if they are not allowed to touch or hold them.

Bonding hearts are simple hearts made from fabric that the mother/father put next to their skin so that their smell can get on it and then they are put in with the baby to help calm them and build that important bond between them and their parents.

The request to Medway Scrubbers was for ‘100’s as they need 5 per baby so they can be properly rotated to stay safe. Maya’s contribution was 45 bonding hearts and 43 Macmillan cancer drainage bags which were collected last week.