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What pledges were made by members on SIGBI Day of Action on Climate Change?

At our July club meeting we had a presentation from member Sharon Forghani on Climate Change which was both interesting and thought provoking. She encouraged each us to complete the short carbon footprint quiz and then make pledges of actions.

A report has been produced by Sharon with Jane Barnes’ help, analysing all pledges members have returned to show what they will do to reduce their carbon footprint going forward, responding to SIGBI’s Day of Action today.

Twenty-one Members have committed to reduce their carbon footprint across a wide area, including how they commute, air travel, diet, shopping choices, home energy consumption and water use.  The biggest reduction in footprint being pledged are in the areas associated with home energy use, shopping and commuting.

We will be reviewing progress on the pledges made in 6 months time as it is imperative that such actions are sustained in the longer term to have the intended impact.