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Liz Duckworth Receives Molly Oldham Award for Outstanding Achievement

Molly Oldham joined SI Maidstone as a club transfer in September 2005, following a move from Leeds to Maidstone.  She had been a Soroptimist since 1951 with the Leeds Club and was one of their most senior members.  Molly had been a valued member and SI Leeds had bestowed honorary membership on her in 1988.

Within a year or two of Molly joining SI Maidstone she said she wished to donate her president’s badge from SI Leeds to the Club.  This led to discussion as to whether a specific use could be made of it and the idea of an annual award for a member’s personal achievement within the Club was borne.  It became known as the ‘Molly Oldham Award for Outstanding Achievement’ to be presented each year at the AGM, following a secret ballot in which all members could nominate the individual member they felt deserving, or most deserving of the award. This tradition has continued with Maidstone members moving to SI Medway & Maidstone.

At our AGM held on 13 April, Regional President Lynne Chiswick presented the Molly Oldham Award for 2022-23       to Liz Duckworth. This Award was well deserved and in recognition of Liz’s extensive work in planning and organising our 75th anniversary weekend and overseeing Programme Action throughout the year.

Well done Liz….