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What were the themes of our Day of Reflection for 2024?

We held our annual Day of Reflection on 17 February at the St Margaret’s Millenium Centre. A small planning group led by Teresa Cambell met in advance to plan the day. A short survey was sent out to all members. The key themes from the survey were collated and fed-back to the group and were used to inform the content of the day.

Teresa welcomed everyone and opened the session with an ice breaker. She shared the aims and objectives of the day. We broke up into groups to look at growing our membership and developing partnerships. Carol Infanti and new member Mandy Samrai led this getting everyone engaged and contributing.

We stopped for lunch that Janet Garnons-Williams had coordinated. All the food was brought by members and included homemade soups, bread, samosas, cheese, fruit, and cakes.

In the afternoon we looked at who we are and what we do as Soroptimists. We explored how we want to communicate with new members and partners. What we will say, using leaflets, social media, and face to face contacts.

Teresa brought the day to a close and checked on what we had achieved. Working groups will take forward these actions to ensure they are fully implemented.

Overall members concluded it had been a well organised day with a focused agenda, which had been facilitated well, with opportunity for discussion and actions being taken forward whilst enjoying good company and food.

As a club, SI Medway and Maidstone consider taking time out in this way is important for us to continue to develop and grow in our work to improve the lives of Women and Girls.

A big thank you to all those who contributed.