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Who took part in The Big Plastic Count?

Six Members of Medway and Maidstone Soroptimists took part in The Plastic Big Count over one week (11-17 March). This was the UK’s biggest ever investigation into household plastic waste. Intended to raise awareness about single-use plastic and to inspire people to reduce their own plastic consumption.

You had to keep a tally of food and drink, cleaning and household items and anything else plastic. Each of us counted up and registered on-line.  Each household taking part then received a digital footprint.

The number of pieces of plastic per household ranged from 14 items (single occupant) to 73 (two persons). Most items related to food and drink.

225,000 participants took part in The Big Plastic Count 2024. The data has been analyzed to work out the true scale of the plastic waste crisis in the UK.

It showed that :-

  • The UK throws away 1.7 billion pieces of plastic packaging every week. It is leaking into our oceans, polluting our air, devastating our climate and human health.
  • 58% of it is burnt in incinerators, releasing greenhouse gases, and contributing to air pollution.
  • The rest is sent to other countries or dumped in landfill, with only 17% recycled.

We cannot recycle our way out of this crisis. We need to cut plastic production instead.

It is time for Governments and Big Brands to take action. Governments have now started UN negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty which will set a global target to reduce plastic. This year we have a huge opportunity. 175 countries are coming together to agree a Global Plastics Treaty which could set a global target that requires all states to cut plastic production. We need to contact our MPs to ensure they support this treaty.

They have produced a video see