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Community Larders/Comunity Fridges in Milton Keynes

SOFEA Community Larders in Milton Keynes

These are difficult times for every body and we can all help each other by giving support where we can and raising awareness of initiatives that help people.

There are a number of Community Larders in Milton Keynes as part of the SOFEA iniitative.  You pay a one off membership fee to join and then pay a weekly amount of £3.50 for which you will receive  £12-£15 of food each week.   SOFEA community Larders are there for the local community and are not just a place to access food. You can stop and chat, catch up with friends or make new friends. The community larder is also a place for support and advice. Perhaps you need to ask a question about debt or finances. Perhaps you want to know how to access mental health care. Perhaps you’re worried – about your work, about your children, about domestic abuse. At a community larder, you can find trusted, expert advice that can help make life better.

To find where your nearest Community Larder is in Milton Keynes click here

Community Fridges

Community Fridges are Free and open to all.  They are an initiative designed to help residents and businesses reduce food waste and build stronger community bonds. Everyone is welcome to use a community fridge.  You can donate food as well as take food.  Food is brought in from businesses like supermarkets, restuarants etc or people who have surplus, such as at Christmas time.  You do not have to be on benefits or pay a fee.

To find a Community Fridsge near you in Milton Keynes Click here