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President’s Message

















3rd October 1921 is a date that we will certainly remember

and CELEBRATE now we have reached our Century in 2021.  The beginning a hundred years ago,  of our global organisation that has achieved so much to raise awareness of the challenges  faced by women and girls,  wherever in the world that they might live. 

Our Federation President Johanna Raffan has the strap line of “Believe to Achieve”  and this has certainly been very appropriate through this year of abnormal and changed daily life.    

Many of us have learnt new skills,  faced unknown and often lonely situations and yet have continued to think of those less fortunate in our communities.

As I look back over the past 14 months of the Pandemic,  I have been amazed at the fantastically wide ranging and numerous Programme Action activities that clubs have engaged in.   

I hope that now the health of our country begins to recover, that we will feel able to enjoy ourselves a little more, meet up and socialise cautiously and relax into our Centennial Celebrations.  Between now and the end of October I do hope that you will all take time to congratulate yourselves on a past year of intense work and think about yourselves, and your club, and how far you have come.

I am sure that the experiences of the past months will form part of your plans for the future.  Life will be different for a while to come but our fellowship and purpose remains the same.  Please do let me know of how each one of you in S.I. Northern England have celebrated your one hundredth birthday.

Christine Lumsdon  :  Regional President  – May 2021


I am Joyce Chesney,

a member of Soroptimist International,


for 43 years and a proud



I feel very privileged to be

President of Soroptimist

International Northern England

for 2019/2020.


My theme for the year is:






The Northern England Region, although it covers a wide geographical area, is not large in numbers but big on action and has a wealth of experienced Soroptimist members to consult.

The Programme work which is carried out by our 12 clubs is exceptional and this is what inspires me.

I am aware that I follow a long line of remarkable women who have occupied this position over 70 years, some of whom are still giving inspiration to us all.

I look forward to the next 12 months with enormous anticipation.

I can only do my best.