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Top ten benefits of membership

  1. Develop new skills and gain from new experiences.
  2. Opportunity to broaden your circle of friends and associates, forging valuable friendships that can last a lifetime.
  3. Participate in a global network of friends and clubs, travel opportunities throughout the world and the opportunity to share ideas across the world,
  4. Attend events, enjoy meeting and learning about women from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and participating in projects that address the needs of women throughout the globe, contributes to world peace and understanding.
  5. An opportunity to make a difference, a global voice for women and an international coverage through the United Nations few other organisations have.
  6. By challenging your thinking on current social issues and contributing to a wider understanding of international goodwill, you can influence governments locally, nationally and internationally.
  7. Explore together many stimulating topics of interest and be a part of achieving and making a difference.
  8. Develop an awareness of a wide range of worthwhile issues through our focus on programme action.
  9. Members come from many different backgrounds and professions and can pool their knowledge and skills to contribute to debate and the work of the Club.
  10. Visit all corners of this website and those of our sister clubs and parent organisations to find out more!

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