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Club Message 2017-2018

This is a unique year in the Club’s history since it is the first when we do not have a President.  This year too, the Club has changed its meeting schedule from having 2 meetings a month, a business meeting and a speaker meeting- to having one formal business meeting on the second Tuesday in the month, often preceded on the evening by a speaker.  on the fourth Tuesday when we would have had a scheduled speaker meeting we frequently have an informal social get-together.

These changes have been brought about because members were taking increased family responsibilities – for ageing parent for young grandchildren – and many had commitments to other voluntary work.

But we are still a very active group; supporting Regional Meetings and our annual SIGBI Conference,  The skills and experience of members are still in evidence in our fundraising, our support for local charities and our commitment to service in the local community and project work.

We still have a strong Executive Committee and our current Vice President will take office as President to celebrate our 70th year in 2019 -2020.