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President’s Message for 2015/2016

President’s Report

I became a member of SI Northwich  2007 and the presidency  has come round really quickly.

I have to thank Louise for all that she has achieved in the past year, especially for maintaining the high profile of Programme Action within the club. She’s rather a hard act to follow but I will do my best.

My chosen charity is to raise money towards the purchase of a solar system for the Good Shepherd Christian Junior School in Uganda. We have a contact with the school through our link with SI Masaka.  Sarah, their club friendship link officer has sent me this information:-

“ We are privileged to work with you and all SI sisters of Northwich in the Solar project of Good Shepherd Christian Junior School. Very many community rural schools in Masaka area have a challenge of no hydro electric power. If solar is provided to them the academic performance and the safety of pupils will improve. The Solar will comprise of the Solar panel, two batteries, 15 lights, a flat TV screen, radio and a charging system to enable them to charge mobile phones.”

Sarah estimated the cost as between £1900 and £2000 – if we can raise £1000 in my year that would be great, more would be better!

I also plan to do more to promote Fair Trade by repeating the stand at the artisan market next year and, if the club agrees, to have a sale of Trade Craft items at the business meeting in November.

To continue the link with SI Nantwich we are invited to attend their speaker meeting on October 27th and I do hope that many of you will be able to attend.

I have invited Anne MacDonald to speak at the June Business meeting. She will tell us about her role as Federation Councillor and to update us on the organisation of SIGBI – this is intended to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of the organisation ie what we never knew or what we knew but have forgotten.

I am planning to attend as many regional events as I can as well as the Glasgow conference in November.