Projects and Campaigns

Charities  2017-2019

Two  Projects were chosen for the club to support over the next two years

Opening Doors

“Disabled women are twice as likely to experience some form of abuse as their non-disabled counterparts. Because they are disabled they are more vulnerable, they might not recognise that what is happening to them is wrong and they are less likely to be able to escape from their abusers. As a result of our work with women with learning disabilities we are aware of the scale of sexual abuse faced by disabled women in Norfolk and are anxious to deliver this project.

A project for local women who have suffered domestic and sexual abuse which Opening Doors would like to undertake, given sufficient funding. Unfortunately we have been unable to obtain much funding for this project to date because, we are told, advocacy (especially in relation to learning disabilities, women and domestic and sexual abuse) is not a hot topic.  As part of the project we would produce a leaflet recognising the contribution from the Soroptimists and we would post regular blogs and tweets on both Facebook and Twitter about the project. In order to bring the project alive and for your members to understand our organisation better we are happy to deliver a presentation.”

Hamara Sahaas

The Indian Charity I have been working with is Hamara Sahaas. A small NGO in Jodphur, set up by
Tamanna Bhati, that supports marginalised women,teaching them sewing and handicraft skills, giving them
the chance to ‘Learn & Earn’ and their children the opportunity to learn English.
I went to India looking for a community group that I could work with in a Fair Trade enterprise and was
introduced to Tamanna by a mutual friend who felt the needs of her ladies were far greater than those I had
met to date; her little school, set up in May 2014 worked with the Dalit community and she had only 5
borrowed machines to teach 30 women – with 35 more on the waiting list.I came home determined to find her more!
The story of the 6 months between launching the appeal to coincide with our post Christmas clear outs
and returning to work with the ladies, being privileged enough to sit on the floor in their dusty room and share
their lives, their hopes and dreams, is attached with pictures,

Their stories and activities can be found on Facebook.

In the year I have been home, I have been working hard to create the first fashion and Interior collections
for ‘Stand’, my Fair Trade company. My hope is that as the ladies become more skilled and the fair trade
business develops, I can commission work from them to showcase on line…
Hamara Sahaas Mission Statement is “to empower the poorest women, so that they no longer have to be
dependent on others, to lead a healthy and respectable life.”It means “Our Courage” in Hindi. We are a “Society of
the women, by the women, & for the women.” We aspire to become a Foundation one day so that we
can provide the source of funding for our own charitable purposes.


What we do
Support and work in partnership with:
Age Concern
Food Banks
Norwich Medieval Church Trust
East Anglian Hospices ( the Nook)
Meru Garden Project Kenya
Kori in Sierre Leone

SI Norwich Programme Action Report May 2017

The Club Charity “Blood Bikers” – (Local volunteers who transport
blood , plasma, donor breast milk and any urgent medical items to hospitals at night, daytime weekends and Bank Holidays…all free of charge.)
The Club has now raised £1,200 in total and we are pleased to note the charity has been getting more support and funding generally recently.
The 4women Resource Centre , we support with Food, Toiletries and the offer of relaxation sessions for Clients has moved to smaller premises, with less financial support and the lead worker has resigned. A sign of very difficult times for charities.

Eight of the Club trained and led trails during the Norwich Flintspiration weekend. This participation in the campaign to raise awareness of Norwich’s medieval churches was especially appropriate as it featured women telling the story of the anchoresses of Norwich- the most famous being Mother Julian -and giving a little nudge to the profile of Soroptimists in the city!
Norwich Memory Project – members continue transcribing reminiscences.
Dementia Friendly towns: There have been several events with members working hard with Age UK to prepare and in run activities for sufferers and carers..