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Friendship Links

Soroptimist International currently has four Federations:

  1. SI Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) – this also includes some countries in the Caribbean, Africa, and the East
  2. SI Europe
  3. SI Americas
  4. SI South West Pacific

Another, the African Federation is soon to be promulgated.

With Soroptimist Clubs spaced out all over the world, friendship links are vital to all Clubs. They are the key to the International Soroptimist world. Friendship links can be made across different countries, federations or within the same country.

SI Peterborough Friendship Links

Soroptimist International Peterborough has friendship links with clubs in all four federations and, in time, would like to add a country in the African Federation to its list. They are:

SI PETERBOROUGH (Ontario, Canada)
Chartered in 1945. Linked in 1950.

SI ATHLONE (Ireland)
Chartered in 1961. Linked in 1985.

Chartered in 1990. Linked in 1998.

Chartered in 1980. Linked in 2002.

SI GRAND TURK (Turks and Caicos)
Chartered in 1979. Linked in 2007.

SI FORLI (Italy). Twinned with Peterborough.
Chartered in 1983. Linked in 2007.

Why develop Friendship Links?

There are a host of benefits that come with developing Friendship Links. Not least:

  • Supporting new developing clubs
  • Appreciating different cultures
  • Establishing warm friendships.

In the early days, letters were handwritten and sent by post. Nowadays, computerisation has made the task so much easier. Our Friendship Links Officer keeps in touch with our links via personal messages or news updates.

Members of SI Peterborough have also visited Leverkusen on a number of occasions and have received visitors from Leverkusen, Ontario and Turks and Caicos.