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What We Do

SI Peterborough supports International Soroptimism with their current projects and campaigns. We also support other projects and charities we are passionate about, with a particular focus on local organisations.

Projects we have supported in recent years and continue to support are:

Peterborough Women’s Aid
No one should be forgotten, especially at Christmas time. So, each Christmas we collect and wrap gifts to give to women at Peterborough Women’s Aid. More information about this organisation can be found here.

Peterborough Regional College

Peterborough regional college hospitality and catering awards
We are proud sponsors of Peterborough Regional College’s Hospitality Awards. We donate a prize, which we present to one of the winners along with a trophy, at the college’s annual ceremony.

YMCA – Time Stop
We collect toiletries and towels for Time Stop, which provides emergency housing to 16-25-year-olds in Peterborough. Click here for more information.

Light Project Peterborough
We support the Light Project by spreading the word of its good work and, as one of the President’s chosen charities last year, we were delighted to present them with a donation. We also supported the charity during its Covid-19 emergency appeal by hosting a virtual quiz. Visit the Light Project website here for more details.

HEAL Paradise
Peterborough-based charity HEAL (Health and Education for All) was set up to provide shelter, support, education and healthcare for children in India. Thanks to our fundraising efforts throughout the year we were able to donate to this very worthy cause.

Extended Hands
By fundraising throughout the year, we were delighted to provide a donation to this Peterborough charity that promotes social, emotional and practical support to women and girls in the local area. Find out more here.

Early Essentials

Soroptimist women

This Peterborough-based, non-profit organisation works with midwives, health workers and charities to give Moses baskets of essential newborn items to local women in real need on the arrival of their baby. We were delighted to present the organisation with a cheque and a range of supplies we had collected over several months. Follow Early Essentials on Facebook here.

Handbags for the homeless
Over the year we fill make up bags with toiletries and other essentials and treats to give out to homeless women in Peterborough at Christmas.

Empowering Girls in Nepal

empowering girls in nepal

A three-year SIGBI Project for 2019-2022 that works in partnership with ChoraChori, to provide security, rehabilitation, education and training for vulnerable girls in Nepal. We look forward to fundraising over the next few years to donate to this admirable cause. Find out more about the project here.

Water Aid
Today, more than 200 hours will be spent by girls and women walking for water. Girls and women are particularly affected when communities lack clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Our spare change jar is brought to every meeting. We donate our loose change, which is then donated to Water Aid each year.

Purple Teardrop Campaign
We are proud to support this national campaign, which raises awareness of human trafficking and helps women who are being trafficked. Click here for more on the Purple Teardrop Campaign.

Plan International
We have been sponsoring Bedmala, a young girl who lives in India, for a number of years through Plan International – an organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. Our sponsorship goes towards Bedmala’s education and health needs. Find out more about Plan International here.

Hamlin Fistula UK

hamlin hospital

Our lovely ladies knit blankets to donate to this project dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of women who have survived the horrendous – and preventable – childbirth injury: obstetric fistula. Click here to find out more about this inspiring charity.

Interested in joining us? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about what we do.