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5 Benefits of Joining SI Peterborough Women’s Club

Peterborough women's group of hands

I joined SI Peterborough women’s club last year, which means I’m one of the Club’s newest members. I knew a couple of members who’d been encouraging me to attend for a while, and I finally got around to joining.

In October 2020, I sat down and really thought about what it would be like to join a local volunteer group; what value this could add to my life and perhaps other people’s lives.

Now I’ve been a member of SI Peterborough women’s club for just over four months, I’ve taken time to reflect on why I joined and the perks of joining a group like SI Peterborough.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Being part of a community of like-minded individuals

Being part of SI Peterborough social club allows you to connect with new people who share a desire to make friends and supporting charitable causes. Your involvement in a volunteer group like SI Peterborough can also help relieve feelings of loneliness and boredom by having lots of fun.

  1. Supporting feminism

SI Peterborough recognises the impacts of oppression and inequalities faced by women and girls. That is why we support various projects and charities, locally, nationally and internationally, that focus on empowering and enabling the lives of women and girls. However, a misconception about SI Peterborough can be that we’re exclusive to white female members; SI Peterborough does not exclude people of colour or transgender women. We are an inclusive group and welcome all women, and those identifying as being female.

  1. Contributing & making a difference

Isn’t it a great feeling to help people out? Not only does it make us feel good, but we’re really making a difference to people in need, and this is at the forefront of being a member of SI Peterborough. We donate gift items (bought and handmade) to local charities and donate money to local, national and international charities. Donating items isn’t mandatory, and there’s no expectation on how much you donate; it is fun if you have a particular craft to contribute, such as knitting clothes for mother and baby charities.

  1. Feeling empowered

Joining SI Peterborough women’s club may seem like a daunting aspect; meeting up with people you’ve not met before, yikes! We were all in that position once. It’s such a confidence boost to join a group and take time to do something for yourself and others.

  1. Being able to participate in & learn new things

SI Peterborough members really value and take an active interest in hearing about other people’s hobbies and interests. There are regular activities and talks to explore personal interests. What’s more, if they can be incorporated into fundraising ideas, this is very much encouraged! It’s also great to hear about other people’s hobbies and interests to learn new things and share tips.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Contact us today at to find out how you can get involved.