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Assistant Programme Director Planet – Anitha Rajarajan
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Be That Someone Else….

For years every mail sent from my mailbox have end with the words of explorer Robert Swan “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” In 2020 during the current pandemic scenario I’m reflecting on this statement with different thoughts.

COVID-19 has been a like shrieking siren for humanity, and it calls for collective, worldwide environmental action.

Did we fail to read the signals nature was sending out to us? In our wisdom are we not assessing the skewed global response to a global pandemic? Are we betting on normalcy waiting round the corner? Did we blindly hope that someone else was rescuing the planet from the crisis it has fallen into?

The consensus of climate scientists is that human activities are a likely cause of climate-warming trends over the past century, and the complicated effects of this global climate change are causing unpredictable weather events and unknown diseases to surface.

Small actions sustainable results

However small their contribution  Soroptimists throughout the Federation have responded to environmental calling through mitigation and adaptation through awareness, action and advocacy. As we work towards the achievement of Agenda 2030 for more sustainable environmental work with the Sustainable Development Goals as guides.

Securing the future through the tree planting is an activity clubs have embraced in most countries. It is also in tandem with the Soroptimist Centennial Project of 100 for 100 tree planting.

Perhaps the most lasting action is the awareness raised amongst school children, and communities for eco-sensitivity, to become leaders in sustainability, much as Robert Swan tasked his fellow explorers to do on returning home.

Get involved, join Soroptimists and make a difference.

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