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Our future

These young ladies are our future.  They are students from Penwortham Girls’ High School and they have now formed the first school Soroptimist School Club.  They are our ‘Soroptimisses’.

They are vibrant and enthusiastic and bright and intelligent and they want to ‘put something back’.  We are now well into our third year with the girls and they are going from strength to strength.  So far, they have collected items for Mary’s Meals and helped with our Syrian refugee handbag project.  They have raised money from cake sales and face painting stalls.  They have organised ‘Spooky Walks’ and worked hard on the school’s Tenner Challenge. The girls are very proud of the fact (and so they should be) that they have raised enough money to pay for the education of two young girls from the PIES charity- Sinethemba and Sinele

Sinele - on of the students from the PIES charity who is being sponsored by our MIsses
Sinele the student whose education our ”Misses’ are working hard to sponsor

.  They have  Toilettwinned for 10 loos in their school and  are currently looking to choose someone to help with a microfinance  loan.   SI Preston is so proud of these girls.

These girls are the inspirational women of the future.

They are our future.

Sinethemba, one of the 2 students whose education is being sponsored by the students at PGHS
Sinethemba, a student from Swaziland whose education is being sponsored by the Soroptimisses.