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Our Link Clubs

SI Kings Lynn, UK

SI Perth, UK

SI Enniskillen, UK

SI Taw & Torridge, UK

SI Freudenstadt, Germany

SI Klosterneuburg, Austria


SI Kings Lynn Club in Northern England, UK was our first Link Club.  They sponsored a Teacher’s salary for some years at a Balwadi (play school) run by the NGO Jagruti  which is a partner organization. In 1997 one of our members, also the then Programme Action Chairperson for the Indian Clubs was invited as a guest to Kings Lynn after the Brighton Conference.

SI Perth, Scotland, UK took on the Medical Project at Tulapur. Some of our members visited SI Perth after the Manchester Conference in 2010 and were given warm Hospitality by SI Perth members. SI Perth members regularly visit SI Poona and take an active interest in our activities.

SI  Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, and SITaw & Torridge, UK are our other UK Links. We exchange news with them regularly, but have not managed to visit them so far.

SI Freudenstadt, Germany joined us as a Link Club in 2006. They adopted the Sangise School as their Asia Project. Several of their members have visited SI Poona on various occasions.

Our members were invited to Freudenstadt for their charter in June 2007.  Some of our members were their guests for a week and were given a tour of the Black Forest Area, the Rhine Valley in the Alsace Lorraine and Stuttgart. It was a fantastic experience.

SI Klosterneuburg, Austria joined us as a Link club in December 2012. One of their members visited us and stayed with us for over two weeks when the link was forged.