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Report of a visit to Ushatai Lokhande Charitable Trust Schools (ULCTS) Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Kawthe Malkapur and Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Wablewadi

The visit to ULCTS, Madhyamik Vidyalaya (Malkapur and Wablewadi) was arranged by Mrs. Ranajana Taskar on 29th Feb 2024.

This was undertaken on the request of our guest, Mrs. Nandini Sonthalia, partner of Maths Yes We Can LLP; members accompanying Mrs. Nandini Santhali were Mrs. Ranjana Taskar, Mrs. Kulsum Lookmanjee and Mrs. Malika Siamwalla. Further, Mrs. Nandini was felicitated with a shawl by the Principal, staff, and members of SI Poona.

Soroptimist International (SI) Poona had implemented the “Maths Yes We Can” project in the ULCTS for the academic year 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

  • In the academic year 2022-23, the project was implemented to 43 students of VIII and 30 students of IX of both schools, and it was completely funded by “Maths Yes We Can” LLP.
  • In the academic year 2023-24, this project is implemented to 45 students of VIII a standard of both the schools. Book I of this program was funded by “Maths Yes We Can” LLP, and up until now, the rest of the book is funded from the donation collected by SI, Pune.

At Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Kawthe and Malkapur, guests and members had interactions with students of X, IX, and VIII. Students of X were appearing for their exam on 1st March 2024, so Mrs. Ranjana Tasker wished them the best on their papers. Mrs. Malika Siamwalla explained and guided the students on effective ways of writing papers and highlighted the importance of getting proper sleep before writing a paper. Their hall tickets were distributed by the hands of members of SI and the guests.

Students of X and IX had completed the “Maths Yes We Can” program in last academic year 2022-23. Students of VIII have finished till Book 4. Following students shared their views on this program:

  1. Sairaj Marute Gambhere – Class VIII
  2. Sakshi Ganesh Gambhere – Class VIII
  3. Sanskruti Santoshi – Class VIII
  4. Manthan Parvath Parde – Class VIII
  5. Krushan Ganpath Kangane – Class VIII
  6. Dnyaneshwari Raut – Class IX
  7. Siddarth Bagwan Gambhere – Class IX

Students’ views were as follows:

  • All the students said that it was overwhelming to see the number of books and the amount of knowledge they would have to grasp and learn.
  • Students in VIII initially struggled with understanding the language, but with support from their teachers and senior students, they became interested and were able to solve the workbook independently.
  • Last year, the students of IX who completed the 7 workbooks found they understood mathematics better and recognized topics from their syllabus covered in the workbook. Consequently, these students, now preparing for SSC exams, felt confident having completed all seven books independently.
  • They solve problems in groups and also enjoy teaching and helping their junior peers understand mathematics.

Afterward, the guests and members of SI Pune engaged in a discussion with the teachers and principal of the school. The teachers expressed happiness with the progress of the students, noting their enhanced understanding of the mathematics syllabus. They highlighted that compared to the previous year, when considerable effort was invested in translating the book, this year’s students were self-sufficient, mentoring their peers in VIII. Notably, students were arriving earlier at school to independently tackle the math
workbook, occasionally seeking guidance from their teachers. Even during their free time, students were actively engaged in solving it. Tests have been conducted for Books 1, 2, and 3, with Book 4 yet to be taken. The principal shared that he would be sharing all the results by 4th March of the tests taken of books 1, 2, 3.

Mrs. Nandini Sonthalia expressed satisfaction with the progress and emphasized the importance of continuing the program in the school. She requested the school to share the results of the conducted mathematics tests with her for assessment. Furthermore, she assured that she would find a way to contribute towards the cost of books.

The visit to other schools—Madhyamik Vidyalaya (Malkapur and Wablewadi) was not possible because of ongoing road constructions.

In the end, all the students had a good time and the kids were thrilled with the Gulam Jamun treat. One teacher even went on a bike to share sweets with the students at the second school before it closed for the day.

* Mrs. Ranjana arranged for the vehicle, while Mrs. Kulsum and Mrs. Malika contributed to breakfast and lunch.
** Shawls for the guests, as well as sweets and farsan, were provided through contributions from SI Poona.