Crieff Regional Meeting

On December 3rd members from across Scotland North attended the Region meeting at Strathearn Community Campus, in Crieff.

President Jean welcomed all before proceeding to the Region Council Meeting. Prue Watson was confirmed as President Elect and Ann Gourlay as the new Development Officer.

President Jean installs President Elect Prue

President Jean installs President Elect Prue.


The Regional Executive Officers updated members on club activities.  The very successful 80th Anniversary Celebration was given special mention. Clubs gave a brief report on the distribution of the vast amount of toiletries collected at the event.

Members were entertained by a loop of photographs from the SIGBI Conference in Malta and the 80th Anniversary. event.

Before lunch there was a short  interactive session. This included the importance of social media as a means to attract younger members. Every club should have an up to-date, vibrant website and an exciting attractive Facebook Page. The session ended with a run through on  Programme Focus Reports. The procedure is now much easier and on the SIGBI website. Members were reminded that the status of Soroptimists at the UN depended on the evidence gathered from these reports.

The afternoon speakers were excellent:

Morag McGowan – Aberlour, Scotland’s Children’s Charity.

Morag gave an update of the work of the charity and their current fundraiser.


Aberlour Trust Christmas Shining Star Appeal.


John Pritchard, Scottish Air Ambulance Service:

John, a paramedic with the Air Ambulance Service, gave a very informative presentation about the work of the Service. Of particular interest was how the helicopters had become a very strategic part of the Health Service in Scotland allowing very sick and injured patients to reach high quality care as fast as possible, thus improving survival rates.


President Jean pictured with John.


Thanks to Regional President Jean and all who made the meeting so successful.