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Walk 100 miles in April

When the “Walk 100 miles in April” challenge was launched, club member Jacky knew that she would be taking part with her dog, Amber. It was all in support of the Children on the Edge charity.

Jacky says: “Children on the Edge is probably my favourite charity. They work in a really empowering way with marginalised children; the UK office is local to me in Chichester. They grew out of Anita Roddick’s (The Body Shop founder) early work with Romanian orphans and are still supported, hugely, by The Body Shop, and by local chocolate producers Montezuma.

She and Amber thoroughly enjoyed their walks, met their target of 100 miles with a day to spare, and were delighted with the support from family & friends.  All this means that they have currently raised over £700, including £130 from fellow Soroptimists.  Donations are still welcome!