Club Programme of events

A summary of our club programme:

Business meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month at 7:30pm at Lysses House Hotel, Fareham.

On the third Thursday we meet for supper at Cams Hall Golf Club, with a set menu for £10 served at 7:30 (pre-booked) followed by a speaker.

Supper meetings programme and other events for the club year is as follows:

April 19: AGM and supper, Cams Hall Golf Club

April 28: Re-launch party as SI Solent East, Port Solent Yacht Club

May 17: supper meeting / discussion on potential water projects

June 21: supper meeting / WaterAid, Malcolm Brandt

July 19: Walk and pub supper / Wickham

July 29: Barbecue at Carolyne’s home

Aug 19: Tea party for Contact the Elderly, at the Wheel House, Hill Head

Sep 20: supper meeting / Hannah Galpin and Heidi Rehman from Breast Cancer Haven

Oct 11: A second Wickham walk and pub supper

Oct 18: supper meeting / group discussion on fundraising ideas for WaterAid

Oct 25-27: SIGBI Federation 84th conference, Liverpool

Oct 31: First monthly informal lunch at Fareham College

Nov 15: supper meeting / Sue Tinney from World Vision

Dec 6: business meeting, Lysses House Hotel (no speaker meeting)

Jan 10, 2019: Christmas/Epiphany meal at Lysses House Hotel

Jan 17: supper/business meeting (no speaker)

Feb 5: Chinese New Year meal

Feb 14: Jacket potato night at Carolyne’s – postponed

Feb 21: supper meeting / Rebecca Kaye from Red Box

Mar 21: supper meeting / Frank Owen from Clarity (a non profit charity)

April 18: AGM and supper, Cams Hall Golf Club