Regional Rose Bowl Challenge

2017/8 Challenge 

President Margaret Davies is challenging members to ‘reach out’ into their communities and spread the word about being a Soroptimist.

“I am asking clubs to ‘Walk a Memorable Mile’ – in membership month (May 2018) or at another appropriate time. Where to?? Perhaps at an event in your club’s town, hospital, train station, supermarket, gym, car boot sale, market or whatever. Walk a mile (or more!) together or even one-after-another. Advertise, then follow up your walk with some kind of ‘welcome’ event for enquirers. Take photographs as you go along, then submit just one photo with a short explanation of the project.”

Judith Grocott (SIGBI Director of Membership, and a member of SI Garstang in the NW England / Isle of Man Region) will judge the challenge.

Further details, including closing date, to follow.

2016/7 Challenge Stop, Look, Listen. The winning entry – announced by President Margaret Molyneux at the New Members and Awards Lunch – was from SI Ramsbottom.

2015/6 Challenge : Instead of a competition for the Rose Bowl, President Sandy Taylor asked clubs to focus on the work of the charity Mary’s Meals, either by holding a fundraising event or by collecting and filling backpacks.

2014/5 Challenge : President Margaret Baker’s photo challenge:- the winner, announced at the New Members and Awards Lunch … SI Bury.