Regional Rose Bowl Challenge

2018/9 Challenge 


Working with Partners for Mutual Benefit


President Sue Underwood is challenging members to look critically at the relationships between Clubs and the organisations we support.

Partnerships should be mutually advantageous – our partners gain expertise, time and money. But what are the gains for Soroptimism and our Clubs? We may feel we are ‘making a difference’, but what do we get out of the partnership? Advice on sharing social media? Increased local publicity? Help with fund-raising?

Tangible benefits could be links to our Soroptimist websites and social media outlets; exposure of our logos and name on event publicity and on external websites; recognition in the public sphere of our service and projects. Have partners helped us to raise our profile in the community? Have new members come via our partnership working?

Entries to President Sue by 31st August 2019