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Regional Rose Bowl Challenge

2023 Challenge

A message from Region President Denise

The theme for my year is ‘Little Things make Big Difference‘ – so that’s my theme for the Rose Bowl Challenge.

Clubs can be as imaginative and creative as they wish but there’s no need to go into a lot of detail. A poster, a picture, a video clip – anything simple to illustrate what your club has done.

I’m asking you to celebrate – and show – how little things really do have an impact. This could be a difference to the club, your community, individuals, a charity – or whatever. You could show how small actions or steps gathered pace. You choose!

The deadline is 14th August 2023. Please submit your entry as a PDF to me via e-mail – your Secretary and Region Reps will have my e-mail address.

There will be an independent judge and the result will be announced at our New Members and Awards Lunch on 17th September.

President Denise