President Margaret’s page

Region President Margaret at SI Liverpool’s International Lunch

We are now a few weeks into 2018, time for checking on our New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully we have retained and are implementing at least two of them. South Lancashire Soroptimists will, I know, be continuing to work alongside the Mission, Vision and Principles of Soroptimism.

Our lives naturally encompass the lives of our families and friends. We also strongly believe our lives should include ‘Fun and Friendship’. We continue to live in a complex and ever changing world. As women we are continually questioning ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ did that happen. How can we help and support women in order to enable them to become empowered to make changes to their lives and others’. We support women and girls through Education – which leads to Enabling and finally Empowerment.

Our region consists of 15 clubs across South Lancashire and we are all active in making changes. The variety of work and commitment from our clubs is truly amazing. Clubs use their skills and imagination to both support women and fundraise to help in many countries around the world.

I have been a Soroptimist for almost 25 years and when I retired I was worried that maybe I would no longer have an impact on ‘Life Long Learning’. How wrong I was! The Soroptimist gates opened even wider for me, giving me so many areas of discovery and different ways in which to help.

The theme for my year is ‘REACH OUT’ and to quote a little from the famous song………..

Now if you feel that you can’t go on,

Because all of your hope is gone,

And your life is filled with much confusion,

Until happiness is just an illusion,

And your world is crumbling down,

Darling, reach out, come on reach out for me.


In friendship,

Margaret Davies, President SI South Lancashire Region