President Sue’s page

I’m sure this is the first and last photo of ‘Madam President putting her feet up’! It was taken was after over 60 Soroptimists, ‘Soroptimisters’ and friends had dropped in for a Champagne celebration after the ‘Change of Insignia’ ceremony at the Federation Conference in Liverpool. It was a pleasure to see you all.

My heartfelt thanks for all of the beautiful cards, so many pledges of support and kind wishes. We will make an awesome team!

The theme for my year is…..WHY?  WHEN?  WHERE?

….these are the questions we all ask ourselves as we strive to ‘make a difference’.

Soroptimists are beginning to forge symbiotic partnerships with other organisations and charities. As a region, we must ensure this ‘mutual benefit’ raises our profile and helps us to recruit new members who hear about what we have achieved!

If our partners are ‘smarter’ with publicity or social media, then we must learn from them as we raise awareness or funds for their cause.

I would like to explore the idea of clubs joining together for certain projects. Maybe clubs in close proximity could share a project, pooling resources? Maybe this could (and should) be extended to adjoining regions?

I look forward to getting to know more about the amazing Soroptimists of South Lancashire!

In friendship,

Sue Underwood, President, SI South Lancashire Region