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President Yvonne’s page

Region President Yvonne Gibbon
Region President Yvonne

Well, here we are, half-way through my year as Region President and what a year it has been so far! The Region Conference and Clubs’ celebrations cancelled, social and fundraising events abandoned, the list goes on and on.

On a more positive note, we are learning new skills or rediscovering old skills. Many of us are using Zoom, or one of the many other online meeting places, to keep up with families and friends and to hold Club Meetings.

At work I am video recording lessons for my students. They take photographs of their work to send back to me for marking. We may even do video recordings for virtual open evenings for potential students! Who would have thought it possible less than four months ago?

It was suggested to me recently, that virtual attendance at meetings could be a way of appealing to prospective members. Many women can’t always attend Club meetings perhaps due to illness, distance or caring for young children at home. I am not sure yet how this would work, but I shall watch with interest.

I know everyone is working hard to do their ‘bit’, whether front line workers or people staying at home and abiding by the guidelines – and everyone else in between. I’ve seen Clubs’ Facebook posts about making scrubs, wash bags and ear protectors to support frontline workers. Many Clubs are supporting women’s refuges and charities for homeless people. Yet again, new skills are coming to the fore as we try to come up with innovative ways of fundraising.

We are Soroptimists – ‘best of sisters’ but also optimists! We will get through this and – we all hope – the world will be a better, kinder, greener place.

In friendship,

Yvonne Gibbon, President, SI South Lancashire Region