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Regional Programme Action Competition

The aim of the competition is to encourage clubs to deliver projects which draw in new members, particularly younger members.

The project must be a service project (a focus on ‘doing’ rather than fundraising) and it must focus specifically on benefiting women and girls. We would like to see all members of the club get involved in some way.

Judging criteria

  • How did the project raise the profile of the club and SI locally?
  • How did the project reach younger people?
  • What other organisations did the club work with during the project?
  • How many members of the club were involved in the project?
  • How did you distribute the tasks to ensure everyone could be involved?
  • Did the project generate any interest from potential or actual new members, during its timescale? If so, how many?
  • How did you use traditional and social media channels to raise the profile of the project?
  • What was the impact of the project on women and girls?
  • What happens when the project finishes?


How to enter

Each club will be asked to submit a project title by the end of January 2023 and a detailed report for judging, by 31 July 2023.  This should be in the form of a Word version of the standard SIGBI PFRF form. The report should address all the key criteria, but supporting information, eg examples of press releases, Facebook posts, webpage reports, photos, would also be expected, to confirm the criteria are met.



Submitted projects will be reviewed against the criteria by the Regional Officers, including the Regional President.   Once approved the projects will be passed to a celebrity judging panel for the final verdict.


Prizes will be awarded of £1000 to the winner and £500 to the runner up club project, to be used within the club’s general project fund or as a donation to a charity of the club’s choice, which specifically benefits women and girls.

Regional Resources available

Louise Daborn, Regional PAC lead is happy to discuss projects ideas, how they might fit the criteria and how to best present them. This could be face to face, on-line or by email. Contact her 


Olein Webster, Regional Social Media Officer, is keen for you to share your projects and their progress on the Regional fb page and can also advise how to make a better use of social media to promote your project locally. Contact her 

At the launch of the competition at our Regional Meeting in November 2022, Hilary Ratcliffe OBE, Past International Programme Director gave an excellent presentation on ‘What makes a good programme action project?’ which also gives a superb overview of our global voice and how all our programme action work feeds up to the United Nations. With many thanks to Hilary, you can download her presentation here: Presentation Southern England