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What We Do

Programme Action is at the heart of Soroptimist activities.  Here are some examples of projects being implemented by Clubs in the Southern England Region.

SI Bournemouth: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

SI Bournemouth have kindly made available information for other clubs on how to organise a STEM Challenge.  The information is here:


SI Poole: Purple Teardrop Campaign

In preparation for the 2015 Glasgow Conference, SI Poole prepared a leaflet documenting key facts about the Purple Teardrop Campaign.  The booklet can be downloaded here:


SI Poole: Loves Me, Loves Me Not Bookmarks

SI Poole has been making bookmarks available for some time, in  order to help raise awareness of some key relationship issues. The bookmarks give the signs of healthy relationships, and also those which may at first appear healthy, but  then lead to violence and/or to grooming for illicit sex.

We now have two bookmarks available. The first version is offered as part of the Purple Teardrop Campaign materials and is available from the campaign website here.

The new healthy relationship bookmark is available direct from SI Poole, and the order form can be found here, along with a lesson plan that schools can download and use or adapt to meet their needs. This bookmark is aimed primarily at students from age 14 onward, although it can also be given to adults.

We welcome feedback about how the bookmarks are used, and also about the design and wording, with suggestions for future improvements.